Whether two different colored eggs effect to nutritious value?


Until now many people the concept that brown eggs more nutritious than white eggs. There really is like that? If a person or shopping, or simply just … like continental fridge, you will see our pile mom bought eggs have 2 colors: white and brown. Learn more: facts of life Vì sao trứng gà có hai màu và lý do thật bất ngờ - Ảnh 1. And in fact, the sound of the industrial eggs, brown eggs are preferably attached explanation brown eggs have a high nutritional content, healthier than white eggs. There are, in fact true is this? We’ll try to find out. They are different, but not in nutrition It is true that two kinds of egg is different, but the difference lies in the chickens. Accordingly, the chicken is white and white earlobes (yes, sir chicken preparations ears …) will give birth to a white shell eggs. In contrast, the chickens have reddish brown fur and red earlobes will “give birth” darker eggs. See also:  fun animal facts Of course here we are referring to widespread industrial breeds. With chicken, egg white, smaller and more expensive price. This is a chicken and white, and it will produce white eggs Nutrient composition is Foursquare? In fact, brown eggs with Omega-3 (a type of fatty acids are good for the body) than white eggs truth. However, content is extremely small difference, and you’ll have to eat … thousands of eggs a little at a time see the effect. Eggshell color affects yolks? In fact there is no evidence that any decision eggshell colored yolk color. Instead, the diet of chickens can influence. For example, if chickens eat more corn, eggs will be dark heart a little more. Vì sao trứng gà có hai màu và lý do thật bất ngờ - Ảnh 3. Also, be aware that the color of the yolk does not affect the nutritional composition therein. So rest assured that the food itself go offline. You may also like elephants facts

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