Spire Archer 8 and 9 Ergonomic Mouse Are Realeased


The Archer series by Spire are vertical ergonomic mice that allow your hand, arm and shoulder to be placed in a more human likely position. The vertical design provides better provision to reduce wrist or elbow pain that can come from twisting your arm when using traditional mice.

Spire Archer 8 and 9 Ergonomic Mouse Announced

The latest addition are the Archer 8 and 9 models that provide ergonomic support and allows for long hours of computer and desk work. Featuring two ergonomic buttons that are located conveniently on the side of the mouse allowing seamless back and forth browsing. Accomplish higher precision with your choice of adjustable DPI levels. Simply switch between 3 different DPI levels, ranging from 800DPI (green led color),1600DPI (blue led color) to 2400DPI (red led color). The handy DPI button lets you switch between the various tasks you partake in throughout the day.

The Archer 8 and 9 mouse models are plug & play and available wired with a 1.8meter long cable and USB connector or wireless support via 24G USB-dongle. Basically plug into any free USB port in your computer or laptop and you are ready to go. No drivers required for Windows and Mac operating systems. Supported by our 2 year warranty service.

Main Features:

Vertical ergonomic mouse Slightly arched design Ergonomic comfort and relief Button placement to reduce finger stress Large palm rest, no twisted arm position Suitable for long computing hours Optical sensor, works on wood, leather, marble, etc. Wired version: 1.8m cable with USB connector Wireless version: USB dongle 24G USB-dongle Plug & Play, works standard with Windows and Mac 2 years manufacturer warranty service


Archer 8 (right handed) and Archer 9 (Left handed)


Manufacturer suggested retail price: Wired version: (Euro, ex VAT) € 46,95 and (Dollar, ex VAT) $ 49.99 Wireless version: (Euro, ex VAT) € 49,95 and (Dollar, ex VAT) $ 54.99


The Archer 8 and 9 mice are now available from Spire Corp in Shenzhen, China. Availability from Spire Europe, The Netherlands is at the end of October.

About Spire:

Spire, founded in 1998 in The Netherlands, is a global supplier of cooling solutions, power supplies, cases and ergonomic peripherals for the personal, gaming and networked computer. With its manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China. Branch locations in Japan and Brazil. Offering a wide range of components and accessories for the IT and computing industry.

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