‘Sicario’: A movie masterpiece

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In Mexican, “sicario” means “killer”. Therefore, the film directed by Denis Villeneuve is not meant to celebrate heroism as many other works from Hollywood.

Mexico is the transit route between Colombia, the world’s largest drug cartel, with the United States, the No. 1 market for white matter. Thus, Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez, which borders the United States, is often referred to as “the most dangerous city in the world.” Here, hundreds of murders happen every month. The bodies were tortured, the beards were scattered everywhere, and gangs dominated the lives of the people. And this is the context of the movie Sicario at megashare9.

Sicario is the hottest scene of the war on drugs. Filmed under the eyes of FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt), who does not understand what he is about to embark on.

Sicario 1

Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) is a solid female FBI agent who specializes in rescue hostages. During a break into a suspicious home to find the victim, she and her teammates uncover the secret behind the walls. The obsession that made Kate determined to find the person behind the crime and take her to the anti-drug team led by Matt (Josh Brolin).

Matt’s team also includes Alejandro (Benicio del Toro), the savior of the mystery. He is quiet but possesses malicious tactics against criminals. As committed to the task, Kate is more shocked to witness the fierce battle of drugs in the Mexican-American border. The rule of law within her suddenly becomes lost and useless in the “realm of wolves”.

From content to expression, Sicario brings a very heavy feeling to the viewer. Like the protagonist Kate, the audience is always in a state of stress because of the deformed corpses set in the wall, the intact bodies are suspended on the bridge, or by shooting gunfire like shells night flowers …

Like Kate Macer, the viewer was thrown into the thick of the atmosphere without really knowing what was going on until the very end.
Even with the wide-angle flycam, the viewer can only see the desolate landscape of the desert as a metaphor for the harshness of the land of death. In addition, the music of monotonous but effective Sicario as the atmosphere of the film becomes dense, suffocating.

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The three main characters of Sicario include Kate, Matt and Alejandro. The film opens with Kate, a brave female civil servant who divorces her husband, who has never worked in the office. But when the film closes, the girl becomes weak and panicked before a “society” completely unethical ethics. Not only do they face criminals, Kate realizes that even her colleagues are unreliable.

Opposed to the stubborn girl Matt and Alejandro, two “hunters adept” in the fight against drugs. Matt always complimented with a permanent smile on his lips, even wearing sandals in the meeting room. In contrast, Alejandro always wears a serious, low-cut and brutal suit. They make up the duo to make the most criminals out of shaking also shakes every face.

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Between Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro, the Puerto Rican ambassador left a deep impression. His character Alejandro is like a “death gods” in the flesh, always kill the gas when appearing on the screen. Every gesture, action or sight of him makes people have to be afraid. Not surprisingly, the international media has placed Benicio Del Toro on the list of nominees for the supporting actress category at the 2016 Oscar for its unique anti-hero character.

As can be seen, all the boundaries between good and evil, right and wrong, human and violent, are blotted out in Sicario. If in many other movies, even though the heroine has a bloody tinge, one can still think that it is the act of righteousness. But a series of actions by Alejandro, or Kate’s surrender and compromise at the end of the film, shows that the world in Sicario follows only one principle: to pay blood to pay, not to have any foreign any

The main spirit of the film lies in two lines, one of the gang boss said: “You think these police are different from us? Where do you think we learned that character? “, And Alejandro’s one:” Leave the city because you are not a wolf. This place has long been the place of wolves. “

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