What To Eat At Night To Prevent Bad Morning Breath?


Factoflife – Bad morning breath is something annoying. So, how to prevent bad breath in the morning? Here are foods which help you treat this. Get it! Vitamin C-Rich Fruit


Fruits that are high in vitamin C like plums, berries and citrus fruits will help your bad breath. They are also good for preventing gingivitis and other gum diseases. Make a habit of keeping a bowl of plums by your bedside and eating one before you go to sleep. Fresh Herbs Spearmint and mint gum, mouthwash, etc. will only MASK your bad breath, but the fresh herbs will actually help prevent it. Fresh herbs are also good for your digestive tract. Try drinking a cup of hot herb tea before bed, or chewing on fresh herbs throughout the day. Fiber-Rich Foods Eating fruits and vegetables that are full of fiber will help your digestive tract by keeping things “flowing”. The crunchier fruits and vegetables will also help remove odor-causing plaque build up. Yogurt The active cultures in yogurt help prevent bad bacteria growth. The vitamin D in yogurt will also help fight plaque build up and gum disease. Check out amazing facts about animals and baby giraffe

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