The best time to eat fruits to get the maximum benefits

Marielaina Perrone DDS Nutrition

Fact of life – Packed with a whole lot of essential vitamins and nutrients for the body, no one can deny the importance of organic fruits for people’s health, especially due to the way they help maintain both health and wellness in individuals of all age groups. But the question here is that what is the best time of the day to eat fruits to make use of most benefits they has to offer. Check out some following tips below to know how to eat fruits in the right way! Marielaina Perrone DDS NutritionEating Fruit in the Morning is Best Due to their high fructose content, it’s best to eat fruit in the morning after our body’s been shut down for the night and needs a quick boost. If you eat fruit too close to bedtime, the high sugar levels will keep you from getting a proper night of sleep. Fruit is easily digested and broken down into its nutrients by the body’s digestive system, so you should always eat it right before you need energy, like first thing in the morning or before lunch. After eating fruit, wait 1-2 hours for your body to fully digest it before eating a meal. This will give you enough time so you don’t feel bloated or gassy, and your intestines are clear and ready for the next food source. Never Eat Fruit With a Meal A little-known fact is that you should never eat fruit with anything but more fruit. While eating a fruit salad is alright, as long as you don’t have too many non-fruit ingredients; however, eating them with too much other food slows the digestive process of the normally quick-digesting fruit. This includes smoothies. While it’s okay to consume a smoothie with a piece of fruit or two, some nut milk or coconut milk, and maybe even some veggies, you should still avoid drinking the smoothie alongside a meal. Also, don’t use milk in your smoothies every time. Switch it up with water on occasion to get your digestive tract happy. Check out amazing facts about animals and tigers facts

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