Assassins Creed – Quite painful to watch

Assassins Creed

This is about the worst movie I have seen in the last year. It’s not often that I want all of the characters to die quickly. It’s also the first Fassbender movie that I’ve not enjoyed in any way. The story meanders. It’s filled with characters I really don’t care about. The flashbacks are impressive feats of practical effects and physical endurance, but, they bore me to tears. It’s the usual “over the top” ninja warrior crap that we are sick of seeing. The only difference in this movie is that there is a male ninja warrior for once. Marion Cotillard is usually superb in movies. What was she thinking? Her role is political correctness in overdrive. The father lavishing her with praise because she’s a female?

Assassins Creed movies
Assassins Creed movies
If Cotillard wasn’t asleep through boredom, she would have ditched such a pathetic attitude to her character that a father would NEVER say to a son. The movie was filled with this sexist crap (eg. trust a MAN to take the credit for what a woman did). It’s nauseating. The director clearly has gender issues. If there’s one thing that Justin Kurzel (the director) got right, it was the female Asian assassin (we had to have). She wasn’t 10x stronger than any other character, reviews Assassins Creed movies. If you are interested in physical effects, plenty of sexism, boring characters and don’t care about story, this IS your movie. If you like relatable characters, a believable story and don’t want sexism rammed down your throat, this is NOT your movie. I really should have given this movie 1/10 but the practical effects upped the score.

Source: samyoung-82648 – imdb

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