Apps that help reduce stress and anxiety

apps for health

Do you know that there are many apps out there that have been created to help people improve your overall health, of course, including your mental health for sure.

When you are under pressure, you can try one of 3 following mobile apps to see if they can help you  reduce stress and anxiety!

My Mood Tracker (iOS), T2 Mood Tracker (Android)

When you’re aware of what you feel and you know what’s driving these emotions, it’s easier to get a grip on your worries.

My Mood Tracker and T2 Mood Tracker help you track your moods and find out why you’re feeling that way. For instance, you might realize that your menstrual cycle is nearing its end, which is why you’re feeling particularly destructive. Or you might find a link between your positive outlook and your workout days. My Mood Tracker is free for the lite version, but if you want your full mood history, you’ll need to pay $4.99 to get the full version. T2 Mood Tracker, on the other hand, is free.


You might have been told to close your eyes and breathe during a particularly anxiety-inducing episode. And while it doesn’t seem obvious just exactly how you can relax doing that, focusing on your breathing can actually help you let go of what’s unimportant and center on the very thing that is keeping you alive right this very moment.
apps for health
Breathe2Relax is based upon the notion that mindful breathing, or simply turning your attention to your breath and away from everything else. This free app provides you several exercises on diaphragmatic breathing, or breathing from your stomach, which has been proven by science to decrease the body’s fight-or-flight stress response. When you feel like your world is turning topsy-turvy, open this app, close your eyes and breathe.


Meditation is another great stress relief technique, besides offering plenty of other benefits it provides for your well-being. However, it can be difficult to meditate, especially for beginners, whose continuously chattering minds can stop them from thinking they are getting anything from the meditation. Headspace can help you with that by offering guided meditations that teach you how meditate so that you can eventually do so on your own.
The first 10 days will give you 10 minutes of meditation for free, and after that you can decide to pay the monthly subscription of $12.99 to receive 10 more days of 15 and 20 minute meditations as well as meditations for various purposes, such as increased creativity, less stress and conscious eating.
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