8 dishes to eat right in November to this winter do not get sick

8 dishes to eat right in November to this winter do not get sick-2

2018 winter forecasts are many cold dark cold. If in November eat properly under the guidance of the doctor will have good physical health to this winter do not get sick.

According to the Center for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting Center, in the recent 3 years, the North has warm winter. In the winter months, the average temperature is still higher than the average for many years. This is due to the fact that our country is under the influence of El Nino (hot) phenomenon.

8 dishes to eat right in November to this winter do not get sick-1

Climate change, cold air waves usually appear in the North from about October onwards. But in 2018 the first cold spill came on Sept. 7, and the next wave of floods hit on September 27, mainly causing rain and falling temperatures in the north.

According to hydro-meteorological forecasts, from November 1818 to the first months of 2019, the weather will change to El Nino (cold) state with the probability of 60-70%. At present, winter in the northern hemisphere to early, the temperature somewhere down to -4 degrees C. In Vietnam winter 2018 will be relatively cold. Severe cold winters will also occur in comparison with the last 5 winters. In the Sa Pa mountains, Hoang Lien Son can occur several times with snow, ice.

Prepare to welcome cold winter

Since November, the temperature of the body has fallen, the body’s resistance to many people has not been adjusted so it has been sick with colds, flu, respiratory infections, diarrhea. warmth, cold nights, high energy consumption and adverse health effects due to climatic diseases, people need to improve their own resistance. The simplest and most necessary way is to eat properly and enough food to have health, increase resistance against cold and disease in winter.

Dao Cong Chinh (the first Vietnamese therapist) in the book “General Nursing in 3 months” (Vietnam News Agency), guided the precious experience for the people. Disease prevention, health care prepared against the cold winter, very sick. Need to eat the following to increase resistance, immunity, disease prevention to not sick winter.

8 dishes to eat right in November to this winter do not get sick-2


– In November, the kidney is weakened, the two organs are weak and the kidney is weak. So when eating, add bitter substance, reduce salty substance to nourish the vagina.

– Should eat nutritious drink. Eat early, eat meat for a long time, boil thoroughly.

– Should eat radish porridge: Take 2 cups of rice, porridge cooked warm to medium, nourish the air.

– Red bean porridge, on winter solstice get red bean porridge, the whole family can eat from the gas.

In this issue, Dr. Phan Phan Toan (Thanh Hoa) also shared, there are many other winter preventive foods that help keep the body warm, clean rooms, flu … and eating well enough to Fighting cold and disease in winter is very necessary. Your doctor recommends the following:

1. Chicken soup (whole cooked dishes) to treat flu, the salinity of chicken soup reduces, sputum … more effective when the chicken soup with onions, garlic.

2. Healthy bone soup, rich in fat, high nutrition. In addition to eat can drink.

3. Teas and ginger, green vegetable juice with ginger is good for strengthening the immune system.

4. Beef, mushrooms should eat a lot, as it helps prevent the flu.

5. Fish, oysters, oysters, crabs … increase the immunity, purify the influenza virus. Omega-3 rich salmon helps produce blood cells to fight the flu, boosting immunity.

6. Cold days are easy to cramp, need to eat calcium-rich foods in the cramp (included in fresh milk, yogurt, cheese, soy milk, beans, fish meat, shrimp, crab). For pregnant women, sick people, young children who want to use these items should consult a doctor.

Getting enough water is key to having a healthy immune system. If you feel sick, drink more water.

8. Multivitamins supplement, especially for the elderly, young children:

-Vitamin C (fruit, fresh vegetables rich in vitamin C than the juice) to increase resistance and immunity, protect against colds, protect blood vessels, prevent infection by viruses from cold.

– Vitamin D (eggs, milk, butter, fish liver …) helps to metabolize immunity, Vitamin D3 reduces flu and seasonal depression.

Some fresh fruits enhance physical strength, stimulate the olfactory nervous system very well as lemon (but not drink when hungry), apple juice relieve headache, reduce stress. Hot ginger tea reduces the abdomen by cold (but not abuse).

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