6 habits of washing dishes silently “kill” dead health, the third home is also infected!


These are all harmful habits that 10 homes with 9 homes are doing them every day.

1. After eating rice bowl to stack the stack overlap


Dishes are often greasy, when stacked to make them stick together to make dirty work doubled.

Therefore, after eating is best to classify greasy and greasy dishes. For dish without grease should be washed first, greasy dish washing dishes after.

In addition, it is necessary to separate raw meat containers with cooked food containers. Wash cooked food containers before washing them.

2. Soak the dishes for a long time before washing


Many people like to eat the dishes in the plate and then soak for a long time then wash. This is a damaging and easy way to generate bacteria. Adaptive bacteria in 1-4 hours will not reproduce. However, after 4 hours it will start reproducing and doubling after 8 hours.

Therefore, you need to wash the dishes promptly after eating. If you do not have time to wash the dishes and want to soak, you need to use waterproof tissues to protect dishes that bacteria can not grow.

3. Do not dilute dishwashing liquid


Many of us use dishwashing liquid directly on the dish without dilution leading to large amounts of chemicals left in the bowl. This will directly affect human health, especially the ability to detoxify the liver.

You should dilute the dishwashing liquid with water. In addition, if the dish does not have oil, it can be washed directly with hot water.

4. Do not pay attention to the cleaning of the dishwasher


If the dishwasher has not been replaced for a long time, the bacteria in it will produce very fast and reach a very large number. With a dirty dishwasher, the bacteria will stay in the dish and bowl when washing. We recommend replacing the dishwasher for about 1-2 months.

5. Dry the chopsticks right after you finish the bowl


In a family kitchen hygiene investigation organized by the China Association for Preventive Medicine found that the number of bacteria in the dishwasher was very high. These include E.coli, Staphuloccocus, Candidiasis Albicans, Candida albicans, Salmonella and 19 pathogens.

Test results in Beijing, Shanghai showed the highest total bacterial count on dishwashers estimated at 500 billion.

These microorganisms can spread through food and then enter the body, causing the disease.

6. Do not regularly sterilize the bowl of chopsticks

Nowadays, there are many families who have bought bacteria-free kitchen cabinets for use. But by saving so many people do not use when the bowl is not much just when the house has new customers.

Drying cabinet bacteria usually have two floors, we can put antiseptic in a floor waiting after enough quantities began to turn the oven sterilization.

Or can put bowl of chopsticks in boiling water for about 2-5 minutes also has a bactericidal effect.

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